Pentwater-Hart Bicycle Trail Capital Campaign Committee

Mission Statement

 The goal of the Pentwater-Hart Bicycle Trail Capital Campaign Committee, founded in June 2015, is to successfully raise $5 million( approximately 80% of which grants will be sought) for the construction of a bicycle trail from Pentwater Township to connect with the northerly end of the Hart-Montague bicycle trail so as to enable residents and visitors safe access to that trail and the network of trails connected to it, from the Pentwater area. Funding for the trail lies with the committee and grants.

We believe the trail will enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike, by providing a venue for year-round, non-motorized sports that afford the opportunity to enjoy the area’s beautiful rural landscape.

To preserve and maintain the Pentwater-Hart Bicycle Trail, the Capital Campaign Committee will also create a “Friends” group whose volunteer members will maintain the trail to the safety standards of the appropriate government agencies.

Financial/fiduciary responsibility shall reside with the Community Foundation for Oceana County, to which the Capital Campaign Committee reports. Funds raised in excess of the above goal, shall be place in a reserve fund within the Oceana Community Foundation, and shall be used solely for the maintenance of the trail.